In my teen years growing up in the Reagan Era (Drug Era) in the hoods of Washington, D.C., my life was falling apart, and I needed change. I felt like I was going down the wrong path and fast. Surrounded by so much death, drugs, and violence, the influence around me was causing me to have to make a choice.

The choices were, follow what everyone else was doing or choose a different path. To help make that choice, God sent me two people who were preaching the gospel. They came right to where I was. They moved next door to me. Every Friday, they would have a bible study. During these times was when I first encountered Christ. I started going to church, although I was going Christ, I was not fully walking in his ways. Then I got a mentor, and it all changed. He showed me a different way. He showed me that I did not have to sell drugs to live the kind of life that I was growing up in my neighbourhood. He echoed what my Godmother had been telling me for years, saying I needed to leave the hood and go to college.

After a while, I told myself I must do something different then what my environment was telling me to do if I wanted different results. As soon as I made that decision, life got dark for me. I had already lost so many friends and family members to the streets and sickness; then, my sister diagnosed with lupus change my world. Upon hearing this news was the day it all changed, and I started taking steps to make a change. At this time, my mom could afford to help me go to college because all her resources were going to bills and helping my sister. Knowing I needed a way to make money without selling drugs, Rep the Faith was born. In the start-up, the company known as Rep the Faith was called Prosperity Sport. Doing this phase, I made and sold shirts to put myself through college. 

The support I got was nothing but GOD and Love. The neighborhood drug dealers, my family, and church family wanted to see me make it, so they brought everything I had every time I had new shirts. It also became popular among my friends on campus as well. From there, I was able to put myself through undergrad.

After school, life took a lot more twists and turns, but the results were Rep the Faith Lifestyle Brand. Now I want to use the brand to provide opportunities for young men like me growing up in the hood and be that example of Faith. I want to represent (re-present) the Faith to a dying youth.